Experience the Wildlife While in Malaysia

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Experience the Wildlife While in Malaysia | If you love nature you must definitely make sure that you travel to Malaysia that offers so much more to nature lovers with tropical rainforest environment. The country is packed with jungles and mountains and flora and fauna that you might not see elsewhere. If you are planning to get out of the regular urban schedule and disappear into the serene jungle life you should visit Malaysia. However, you must make sure that you know some of the locations where you can explore the wildlife and see it in its true form. Here are some options that you can explore to experience the wildlife when you are in Malaysia.


Taman Negara National Park

When you are in Malaysia and if you are exploring wildlife you have to visit Taman Negara National Park which is the oldest primary rainforest in the world. There are many researches that support the theory that this rainforest was never impacted by the ice age and changes in time. It spans 4,343 square kilometers and is the biggest national park in the country. It offers the best wildlife experience you can have here in Malaysia. While you can walk, trek, climb and even use boats to explore the jungle area. You can spot deers, wild boars, tapirs, monkeys and various birds here.

Endau Rompin National Park

Located northeast of Johor is Endau Rompin National Park which is the second largest national park after Taman Negara National Park. The park contains the largest remaining population of the threatened Sumatran rhinoceros that you can view here. However, the park remains closed for public from November to March during the monsoon season. The park offers the best wildlife experience that you can have when you are in Malaysia and provides you with the best flora and fauna that you can find in the country.

Kinabalu Park

Also known as Taman Kinabalu this place is Malaysia’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site for its outstanding universal values. It is voted among the most important biological sites in the world and has more than 4500 species of flora and fauna including 326 birds and 100 mammal species. The park is among the favorite destinations for many international tourists that prefer some adventure and would love to trek and climb up the mountain. The place is also home to the youngest non-volcanic mountain in the world, Mount Kinabalu which is still growing at a rate of 5 millimeters a year.

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