Malaysia – A Perfect Travel Destination for Adventurers

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Malaysia – A Perfect Travel Destination for Adventurers | For many travelers it is important that they get the right amount of adventure along with better food and accommodation. Malaysia is among the top tourist destinations in South East Asia that offers so much more to those who seek adventure trips. If you are an adventurer you will find many options here in Malaysia because this country is a perfect destination for those who want to explore and find new things that they have never experienced before.


If you love to explore caves you can visit the Gunung Mulu National Park that is home to one of the longest cave network in the world. It is certainly among the most visited places in Malaysia with Sarawak Chambers that can accommodate large airplanes as well. You can get here by boat or by air depending on how you want to explore the nature around. The boat trip is more recommended and it takes around three hours from Marudi. The caves can allow you to explore more as you find more things in it. If you love to explore caves you can find many in Malaysia like the Gua Kelam which is 370 meters long and offers dark subterranean atmosphere that can excite the adventure seekers. This cave was once home to many people during the Stone Age period.

When you are in Selangor you can explore the Batu Caves which is a location of Hindu temple and shrine. The main attraction here is the large statue of a Hindu God Shiva and it has been the most popular destination for rock climbers that prefer to use the other way where they can climb rocks to reach the caves.

If you are interested in rock climbing you can also do that on Mount Kinabalu that offers you a better way to explore the local fauna and flora as well. Today there are more than 300 routes to this place but you can come up with your own and you can also make use of ferrata climbing that is quite popular here.

Mount Ophir is another spot that can offer you some adventure that you are seeking while you are here in Malaysia. The mountain offers icy waterfalls, challenging mountain trails and exotic flora and fauna and once you’ve climbed up you can view the panoramic view of Straits of Melaka from the height of 1,276 meters. You can also explore the Sagil waterfall which is located at the base of the mountain.

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